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Lincoln's Classic Rock 92 9 "The Eagle"

(The Eagle's 10th anniversary logo from 1997)

 KWBE-FM Beatrice. It was the sister FM to KWBE-AM, a station with a typical "small town" feel.  KWBE-FM was an Easy Listening format sometime in the early 70's,  the a Country format in 1976.  Then in 1983 they became a Top 40 station with new call letters - KMAZ. Not much else is remembered about 92.9's Childhood.  Usually when a town has it's station moved  they get upset at the people who move it. However, In 1987 when Bud Pentz sold KMAZ  Beatrice residents criticized him for the sale of the towns one and only FM radio station.
The new owners moved the studios to Lincoln and a new tower site was approved in Hallum, Nebraska (between Lincoln and Beatrice).
In 1987, KTGL debuted as Lincoln's Classic Rock 92 9, The Eagle.
Perhaps one of the most consistent stations in Lincoln, KTGL only wandered from the "Classic Rock" path for a couple of years in the early 90's when KFMQ, a local rock station was sold and changed formats. For a short time KTGL played current rock artists along with classic rock, in an attempt to fill the void and get some of KFMQ's old listeners. As a Rock Legend, KFMQ listeners were literally "lost" when their station switched to a Country format.
A former KFMQ morning team, "Joe and Timmo", were already on the Eagle at the time, which was an added draw to former "Q" listeners.
They push the limits of broadcasting just a little bit and have achieved a loyal following since their birth in 1987. KTGL is well known for their station vehicle (an old ambulance) and also for "that station that stayed on the air while a gunman stalked the halls of their office building".  The announcer on the air at the time, Bill Barker is still heard on KTGL in the afternoons with Joe (Bob & Tom replaced mornings "Joe & Timmo" in 2002).
KTGL was sold in 1992 to Pourtales (whose stations eventually became Triathlon broadcasting) and  moved from their studios at 33rd & Pioneers to a new home with new sister--KZKX Lincoln's Hottest Country, 96KX  In 1996  Triathlon added KKNB-The Point (Now KISS 104) and KIBZ-The Blaze to the family.  Since then, a quick sale to Capstar, who was then purchased by Clear Channel occured in 1997.


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