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Nebraska Radio History Archive Presentation:

A Star Is Born

KLIN-FM  was Lincoln's "Beautiful Music" station for many years.  Shurtleff-Schorr Broadcasting Company signed  KLIN-FM on the air in 1968. 

KLIN-FM originally signed on with a Schaefer automated music system with
10-inch music reels and cartridge carousels for spots and PSAs. We called
the system "Iron Irving." The programming may have been canned, but it was
glorious stereo. Shurtleff-Schorr sold the stations to Norton Warner about
1970.  - John King  KLIN News Reporter & Board op

The Beautiful music format continued for more than a decade, using the famous Bonneville Beautiful Music Format, except for a live morning show with Sandy Jackson.

As the format began losing popularity in the early 80's, KLIN-FM switched to a brand new format being offered by the Transtar (Unistar) Radio Network known as "special blend", a light MOR format featuring artists like Barry Mannilow, Elton John, and occasional standards from artists like Frank Sinatra.
Soon after the switch, KLIN-FM became KEZG, "EZ 107" and began it's evolution into an Adult Contemporary format.
By 1991 EZ-107 was live, except for it's evening and overnight dayparts.  "Special Blend" was no longer being offered by Unistar and listeners were hearing more mainstream contemporary artists such as Whitney Houston and Michael Bolton as the "New Star 107".
In 2000, Lincoln's last group of locally owned radio stations were sold to Triad Broadcasting.  The call letters were changed to KBBK as a Modern Alternative format "B 107"


This site is part of the historical review of Nebraska Radio Stations at and is not operated by KBBK radio. We cannot answer questions about the station, take requests. Please call their studio line offices for assistance. If you have historical information you would like included on this site, E-MAIL ME!